Pillars of Our Trust


    In 1962, Mrs. Elizabeth daisy yesudian married to Mr.selvarajan yesudian. She was very much by his teaching and his social activities. They both came to anandapuram village after marriage and started helping the poor. At the very beginning drinking water was the main problem so they digged well and supplied water and milk powder were issued for health. After Prof.D.S. Aaron took over the chairmanship and started the Industrial training Institute (ITI) they helped a lot in construction and till now the help going on both love and financial help. From the year 1962 till 2017, she visit Anandapuram every year without fail to met Aaron’s family and the activities of the trust. In 2011, Aaron motors an organ of Ranji Aaron memorial trust was started by her initiative and help. Till date she is a major contribution in helping the I.T.I staff salary. By the year 1988 she lost her husband Mr. Selvarajan Yesudian. She is the co-chairman and mother of the trust. After Mr. Selvarajan yesudian she played a vital role in developing Ranji Aaron memorial Trust and its activities.