Pillars of Our Trust


    Prof. Gisela Dreyer was a member of the international yoga school in Switzerland and a very good student of Mr. Selvarajan Yesudian. She was involved in the activities of Ranji Aaron memorial trust since 1984. After her visit to anandapuram in 1992 to establish an association in Germany with the purpose of supporting cultural and scholastic institution in India. Prof. Dreyer and the members of Mutual Evolution Association very generously took over part of the salaries of the Ranji Aaron high school teachers. Those German Friends of India, especially of Anandapuram, have supported the work of our trust loyally and generously ever since. In 1995 Prof. Gisela Dreyer contributed a lot in starting the Ranji Aaron driving school in our I.T.I. The primary purpose is to give employment to the youth in anandapuram. By the year 2004, prof. Dreyer and her association members decided to finance the construction of a first floor to the high school with six class rooms and laborities. Since it was repeated requests from the people as well as fro the diocese to upgrade the high school to higher secondary school. Till now she is helping the activities of Ranji Aaron memorial trust.