Pillars of Our Trust


    Dr. Grace S. Aaron was the fourth child of Mr. Ponniah Masilamani Aaron and Mrs. Vadivammal Aaron. After Dr.Appadurai Aaron, his sister Dr.Grace s. Aaron served as the chairman of Ranji Aaron memorial trust. She got graduated as a doctor in Christian medical college (CMC) in vellore. She studied during the period of great missionary. Ida scadder and student of her. The true virtues of true love and kindness that they learned in the college has helped in serving the poor life long. Dr. Grace S. Aaron first worked as a Physician at mysore mission hospital. Dr. Grace S. Aaron lost her mother at a very young age. It is note worthy that she had sacrificed her marriage life for raising the life of elder brother Dr. Perinbaraj Aaron son Prof. D.S. Aaron and his sister Sarojini. She also helped the poor people of Anandapuram by going medical help.