• The Industrial Training Institute is run by the administration of the Ranji Aaron Memorail Trust Anandapuram. Mrs. A.V. Padmini Aaron (wife of Mr. J.C. Rajan Aaron who sacrificed his life for the welfare of the trust) has taken the charge as the correspondent of the institute. Mrs. A.V. Padmini Aaron worked very much hard for the trust. The ISO Certification 9001:2008 work were initiated by her and the ITI is ISO Certified. A.V. Padmini Aaron is very well known for leading a good mother at home and good administrator at office. The ITI has got three more awards for the best ITI in Tamilnadu. These were a very good example for leading a good administration by Mrs. A.V. Padmini Aaron. Good Administration is very well known for Aaron Family. Mr. C.Suthakar is the principal of the NCVT Trades of our ITI.

  • Class Rooms

    In our ITI, Classrooms were constructed in such a way that the natural air can be circulated. Classroom were equipped with good furniture for the students. Qualified staffs were appointed for giving good education.

  • Library

    Modern Library was available in our ITI with latest technology books. Books can be read by the student for improving their knowledge whenever they need. Daily and weekly automobiles magazines are available in the library.

  • Hindi & English Coaching

    For the benefit of the students, Hindi and English coaching were given in addition to their circulation. Hindi and English are more essential for the students who were working in the Northern part of India or in aboard. So they are trained in advance in our ITI

  • Music Coaching

    Musical instrument coaching is also offered in our ITI. Every year thanks giving songs was conducted in our ITI Campus. In Everyday assembly songs and music’s were played by the students

  • Transport Facilities

    The ITI also has transport facilities of two buses for student’s transportation. Well maintain busses were used with respect to the students safety. Currently transportation facilities was available upto Nazareth and sattankulam.

  • Industrial Visit

    Indsutrial visit will be arranged for every students regularly to various industries like DCW, Susee Tirunelveli, Aaron Motors, Tamilnadu Electricity Board etc.

  • Hostel Facilities

    Hostel facilities were available inside the ITI Campus itself for boys hostel is equipped with good drinking water, Tasty food and rooms for the occupant. Fitness centre (Gym) is also available in our hostel campus.

  • Security Cameras

    On thanking about the safety and discipline of the students. ITI campus was fully secured by security cameras. In every workshop cameras were fixed and each and every movements of the students were recorded discipline was well maintained.

  • Fully Equipped Workshop

    All our workshop was fully equipped by latest machineries as in the syllabus given by were upgraded as per the latest syllabus regularly.

  • Service Station

    Water service facility was also added for the benefit of motor mechanic vehicle (MMV) students. They are well trained. Many of our students were started their own service station in their respective areas.

  • Smoke Testing Centre

    Smoke testing centre was established for the benefit of the MMV students. This is also one of the new upgradation of the workshop. This facility is also available for both the students and the public people.

  • Sports Meet

    The ITI boys were also involved in playing games also. Every year sports meet will be conducted in our ITI Campus itself. Prizes were given the students who all are won in the games. Our ITI students won the district championship at the district sports meet in the year 2004 and 2007

  • Old Boys Association Meet

    Ranji Aaron Trust every year conducting the Old Boys Association Meet. The idea of this association really shows the community atmosphere that the college creates.


    Our ITI has another achievement in the history. We are very proud to be the best ITI in Tuticorin District by various awarding organization. Our ITI has got three awards as the best ITI in its region.


    Best I.T.I in State Award

    Gold is Gold Award

    Diamond is Diamond Award

    Best Trust Award

    QCI Affiliated ITI

    AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

    Our ITI is also awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification . By untiring work of Mrs. A.V. Padmini Aaron Our ITI has been certified for ISO 9001:2008 for management.


    Fitter trade is fully based on mechanical oriented trade. All sorts of fitting works, Lathe Works, Welding, Fabrication, Black smithy and painting works are carried out here and a very effective training is given to the students studying in this Trade. The students are well trained in making Desk, Bench, Table, Stool, Gates, Pulpits and various types of Grill Works. In addition to the trainings, the students are taken to various reputed companies and workshop for their industrial visits. This helps to all the students to learn more on the modern works and skills. Many of our old students trained in this trade are now well employed in various industries in all the parts of our country and also in the abroad places.


    Electrician Trade is well known for equipping students to a good electrician. In this trade all nature training regarding the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity is given. All the students are trained in various methods of wiring, Motor winding and electrical appliance repairing and in the maintenance of equipments, Instruments, Electronic Devices, Circuits and Power Stations, Electricity Board and Wind Mill and in reputed Industries. These Students are also taken to various Industrial visits for a better practical learning of their-subjects.


    The students of this trade are given training in various Diesel and Petrol Engine in Automobiles. Each and every part of the Engine were dismantled and assemble and given practical training to the students very clearly. The students trained in this Trade are well versed in attending to the faults and repairs of all the Automobile Vehicles. In addition to this Puncher Repair, Vulcanizing, Vehicle Servicing works are also carried out in this trade. Like the other Trade students, these Trade students are also taken to various reputed Modern Automobile workshop for their Industrial Visit. All the students of this Trade are trained in Driving Light Motor Vehicles. These students passed this Trade are now employed in various Industries such as TVS, Bajaj, Honda, Hyundai, DCW, Port Trust, TVS, SGJ, ARS and Shipping Companies


    The Students in this trade are given Training in the subject of Marine Engines and Diesel Engines. Practical works in the Automobile Engines are also carried out. After the completion of this one year training, the students are confident to attend all types of repairs in the Automobiles Vehicles.