Pillars of Our Trust


    Mrs. A.V.Padmini Aaron was wife of (late) Mr. J.C.Rajan Aaron. After her husband death in an bike accident, she started involving in the trust activities. After a short time she was responsible for all the accounts on the compute. She handled the financial part of the trust work together with the chairman, Prof. Sundar Aaron and took over many more responsibilities, soon she became indispensable in the I.T.I as well as in the children's home and as member of the Board of Education of the high school. During the following years the I.T.I flourished and expanded. She started the Ranji Aaron Industrial School in the year 2006. Ever since, Padmini Aaron has lived up to the great responsibility of being the head of continually growing institutions in an admirable way. In 2011 She also initiated in starting an Ranji Aaron Workshop named Aaron motors of upliftment of the ITI students and the trust. She was blessed with two children's Immanuel Francis Aaron and Daniel Thomas Aaron. In October 2011, Padmini Aaron was elected as president of Anandapuram and two neighbouring villages. People voted for her with confidence and trust, for a person they knew would care for them. commit herself whole heartedly to their well being and was absolutely honest a trait of character most important to them. And they were not to be disappointed, Mrs. A.V.Padmini Aaron was able to get as much government aid as possible for the welfare of three villages and their people. With team work of the ITI staffs and gods help the activities of trust is going on fine.