Pillars of Our Trust


    Mr.Selvarajan Yesudian was Mrs.Ranjitham Aaron sister in laws own brother. His father is a doctor and his mother is known for her good quality and character. They both reside in chennai Mr.Selvarajan Yesudian studied in an English school at Chennai. He was very much attracted towards Yoga during his youth days. His hobby was to read books and search for good yogis. After long search he finally found the good yoga teacher and got trained by him. While practising yoga he realised that many diseases were left from his body and got New refreshment in life. In such a situation, he lost his father at the age of twenty. In !937, during his visit to Hungary he surprisingly met the yoga expert Mrs.Elizabeth Haich. He suffered many hardships during the second world war. Because of political situation in that country, it was not possible to conduct a yoga school. In November 1946 they went to Switzerland and settled in city of Zurich and started a yoga school. He wrote many books about Yoga. Mr.Selvarajan Yesudian was the first person to start a yoga school in Europe. As a result of his beautiful teaching, their popularity spread throughout the world. In this situation along with Mr.Appadurai Aaron they both had a visit to Anandapuram, Tamilnadu. His involvement in social and charity heart he started helping and accompanied in all the activities of Ranji Aaron Memorial Trust. In 1962, He married Elizabeth Daisy Yesudian and travelled to India. Dr.Appadurai Aaron started the Ranji Aaron Memorial Trust in memory of his wife Mrs.Ranjithammal Aaron.

  • Selvarajan Yesudian and his wife helped the poor at Anandapuram by providing drinking water, rice, pulses. oil and medical expenses of the people. Selvarajan Yesudian is called as " Father of the Trust ". He was very much interested in painting. Ranji Aaron high school was constructed by the proceeds of the successful painting exhibitions in Europe. In 26th October 1998 Selvarajan Yesudian entered into eternity.