Trust Activities

  • Free Rice and Dal

    Every month we organize to provide rice, oil and dal for the Elderly poor people for free. It was support their one moth suriving. And also Ranji Aaron Trust gives medical expenses by cash. Through our Ranji Aaron Trust, We identify and carefully select the most vulnerable poor Elderly and Perminally ill people to be cared for and supported at no cost.

  • Mass Feeding

    An offering of food is served once in Every year, In this event surrounding of Anandapuram peoples are participating and Eat well. Trust full works are done by god's gift. Also the Trust functions finance fully contacted by god's blessings. Untill today the trust all functions are done by God's strong hand. The Trust given sacrifice gifts by the students are contacted by economical requirements of the trust.

  • Agri Help

    Ranji Aaron Trust starting agriculture activity in 26 Acre land . So that many peoples have jobs daily. Mr. Selvarajan Yesvadiyan by then we got some by donation of thousand rupees support to 26 acre land paddy is cultivated. And then Ranji Aaron Trust, Strated service activity in Anandapuram, Palandulam, Sadaiyankinara and some of nearby places

  • Medical Help

    In 1965 Dr. Appadurai Aarons younger sister Dr. Grace s.Aaron was retirved from Karnataka state hospital. And then after came back to their home town aandapuram for serving medically to the poor peoples. Ranji aaron trust Donated 5 acre land to government primary health center. Now poples are getting useful by this hospital . Newly siddha department also started.

  • Govt. Primary health centre

    Ranji Aaron Trust donated the 5 acre land and Rs. 10,000 for Govt. primary health centre in the memory of late Dr. Grace S. Aaron, now the Govt. Primary health centre served the Anandapuram Surronding peoples.

  • Self Employment

    By Ranji Aaron Trust to Anandapuram surrounding village peoples self employment they arrange many courses. Mat work, stitching, type writing, leather work and etc. these work coaching are given by free of cost. Mr. & Mrs. Selvaraj yesuvadiyan was the backbone of Ranji Aaron trust all activities.

  • Mr.J.C.Rajan Aaron Memorial Free Eye Camp

    Free Eye camp is held in our ITI campus in the memory of Thiru.J.C.Rajan Aaron since 1999 by the Ranji Aaron Memorial Trust. Every year July first week, the Free Eye Camp is conducting by the help of Tirunelveli Aravind Eye Hospital Doctors. Anandapuram and 25 surrounding village people are participate and getting benefit from the Eye Camp. Every year 25 Eye patient are getting the Vision by the Eye Camp.

  • Ranji Aaron Higher Secondary School

    Mr. D.S. Aaron served as chairman of the Ranji Aaron Foundation. It is started for Anandapuram poeple Future. In 1986 the middle school was running in old buiiding. In 1986 Prof. Gisela Dreyer donated a huge sum of money to Ranji Aaron Higher Secondary School in Anandapuram. Then Ranji Aaron Higher Secondary School Quality was increased. The main reason for the Ranji Aaron Higher Secondary School Quality is Director of the Trust J.C. Rajan Aaron's hardwork . The chairman of the trust Mr.D.S.Aaron's guidance, Head master of the trust Mr. Sounderrajan hard work and god's blessing. More than 10 Anandapuram sorrounding village students are get the benifit in Ranji Aaron Higher Secondary School. currently the Ranji Aaron Higher Secondary School is running in Hr sec. school Effectively. In 2009 Ranji Aaron Trust was given to the Ranji Aaron school teachers salary. currentley Ranji Aaron school teachers salary is given by Tuticorin -Nazareth Tirumantalam. Also the Ranji Aaron trust gives the school bench, desk, and school cycle stand and Head master living house in school compound. currently Prof. A.V.Padmini is the chairman of the Ranji Aaron Foundation. She given the pure water to the school students.

  • BC Hostel

    The charity is also continuing to help the BC Hostel in Anadapuram. The buildings needed for the hotel, additional toilet facilities and luggage rooms are provided by the Trust. In BC Hostel every year once white wash, Verification of building repair services are provided by the Trust.The 25 Cent Land Trust has been donated to build a new building for this hostel. The new building is currently located on the ground near Ranjani Aaron Memorial High School.